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Your stunning website is just one connect away. With a wide range of customizable templates, designs, frameworks, we give you a website that is created as a touch point for your visitors. A channel designed for conversions.

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We offer solutions keeping with the latest trends in mobile application development for iPhone, iPad, Android etc. With special focus on performance and intuitive navigation, we guarantee that apps designed by us will be the last app standing on your user's mobile.

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Your digital presence, not matter how beautiful, will be dud unless listed on the first page in top search results. We ensure that happens. Being great in SEO is a competitive field, but you will thrive with our SEO skills of great keyword targeting, search visibility etc.

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What people are saying About Us

  • At first glance itself, we were so amazed to see the beautifully designed website. Right from detailed level data to dashing design, the website is a full fledged electronic brochure. Many prospects have shown keen interest to enquire more about our new and existing ventures. A number of enquiries have also originated from the online query section placed on the website. Thank you for your wonderful service!
  • We are pleased to see the website which are indeed the outcome of the beautiful work done by you and your team. The website was delivered right in time and the way we expected! Communication and follow up with your team was friendly and easy. We also see that contacting and interacting with the customers is also getting effective via the website. Kudos to all of you !
    Softronix Digital
  • The SEO industry has a lot of people, who are really, really good, Eduavenir is one of them. We’ve seen a few so called SEO experts who can speak or write thousands of words without uttering a single useful thought.
    A good SEO recommendation will have:
    ·         Self-sufficiency. It should stand on its own.
    ·         Clarity. It should make sense to a non-SEO.
    ·         Actionable advice. The reader should know what to do next. Exactly.
    Eduavenir provides clear, useful, and actionable recommendations, because customer is not an algorithm.
    Kaushik Joshi (Chairman & CEO)
    Meditrust Consulting

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