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These 5 SEO Trends will Determine Online Business Success in 2019

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These 5 SEO Trends will Determine Online Business Success in 2019

The internet has become the primary source for users to visit to buy products or services. Google receives a staggering 63,000 searches per second! This means that businesses have to remain alert about the latest Google search signals with the help of an SEO company in Mumbai. This will help to get their organic search rankings up with SEO strategies. This explains why SEO has become such a massive KRA in the digital marketing landscape. However, for its success, you need to ensure that you have the right strategy in place. For this, you need to keep tabs on the latest trends in the SEO domain.

With ever-changing Google algorithm updates, it makes sense to remain abreast of the latest trend that will dominate the search landscape in 2019 and beyond. As the best website design company in Mumbai, here is our prediction for the top 5 trends that will be hot in the next few months.

Trend#1 – Attention to microformats

When scripting a site, developers from an expert SEO services company in Mumbai place small HTML patterns that seek to provide more information about a website. Website bots use this information to know more about the site and decide about the relevance of the site to the search query. You need to focus on these microformats to ensure that Google knows as much as possible about your business.

This results in better search rankings, a higher level of user engagement, and better conversion potential from the website. When the microformat labels and tags are added to the content at the time of e-commerce web design and development, they come up as rich snippets and are displayed in Google search results. These rich snippets go beyond tile, meta tags, and meta description to provide better quality information to the search engine.

Trend#2 – Optimizing content for user intent

Any SEO and PPC expert in Mumbai knows that SEO is not just about keyword stuffing. It is more to do with appearing at the right time for the right search query in front of search engine users. As a result, your brand would tend to make better conversations with its intended audience and be a win-win situation for all.

This trend also becomes critical due to the rise and rise of voice search. Any good SEO agency in Mumbai will support the fact that only those brands score well whose user intent optimization is top notch and bang on target. The easiest and effective way for social media companies in Mumbai to accomplish this objective is to put yourself in the search user’s shoe. What would you be looking for in a brand or service? What call to action would be most effective in helping improve engagement and conversion? These are some questions worth answering in 2019 when you enlist an SEO and PPC company in Mumbai.

Parting thoughts

Make sure to keep in mind these trends when you hire the best web design company in Mumbai. Be prepared to augment business revenues with the online user segment.

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