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Enter 2019 with a 7-point checklist to work on Rewarding SEO strategies

January 17, 2019
5 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO
5 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO
February 6, 2019


Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been estimated to be one of the biggest things of 2019. Having a checklist by your side, in order to improve your SEO strategies in the year ahead would only give you a better sense of direction to work towards.

If your online SEO strategies have not yielded the results you, then following this checklist from experts in on-page SEO services in Mumbai and ensure that this time your SEO campaign works.

The On-Page SEO Checklist You Have To Look Into This Year

1. Relevant content

It is common for online business owners to get lost into the analytics of things and forget what it ideally is all about. The main core of all SEO strategy is to provide content that is relevant.
You got to understand that user convenience is the most important factor for the success of your online venture. Never be tempted to use any tools or strategies which may hamper user experience. Experts of internet marketing agency in Mumbai always recommend remembering the maxim – Quality over quantity, when it comes to online content.

2. The URL

The URL is the most overlooked aspect of a website. If you have the URL designed and trimmed in such a way that it explains your line of business just right, there is no way you would be going wrong with your SEO.
Neater URLs instil a sense of confidence in the minds of the searchers. Adding a favicon makes the site seem more credible, and has a major impact for the overall traffic inflow on your site.

3. Meta description

That small line speaking about your website on the Search Engine Result Page carries value far more than you could think of. It is essential to have a custom Meta Description for your website, for Google to acknowledge that your website is optimized for the convenience of the end-user.
Professionals in an internet marketing agency in Mumbai consider this an important factor to be checked into, as it makes your website appear neater and more credible.

4. Well-Structured Content

When you post content true to the cause, and true to the basic guidelines of language, you are more likely to gather more eyeballs. Nobody likes a haphazard content structure, where information is provided in irregular chunks.
Experts also recommend ensuring that all content pushed out is consistently accurate and to the point. One wrong fact posted would earn your brand a bad name, which does not go well with Google algorithms and public sentiments.

5. Social Media

In analytical warfare, this is often left out far behind. But if you add social media advertising on your SEO checklist, and implement effective campaigns across relevant social media platforms, then you have more than half of your works carved out for you.
Chances are that it may not directly impact your SERP rankings, but it will definitely improve your SEO, and you will reap its benefits soon enough.

6. Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Statistics suggest that around 98% of internet users in China use the internet on Mobile phones. Those are statistics just for China – one of the most populated nations in the World. When you imagine the rest of the world, you can imagine the reach of mobile-friendly pages.
A responsive page is more likely to be surfed, as people are not in glued to their Personal Computers all the time. When you optimize your page to accurate responsiveness, you end up making it more preferred by your target audience.

7. XML Sitemaps

For those of you who still do not know about the power of sitemaps – when you create a sitemap section on your page for the website, you are quite really submitting your pages to be viewed by the search engine crawlers.
If generating a sitemap would take you some time, at least make it a point to have a static one on your site. This can be done using a number of tools out there.


Getting to the basics is how you make things work out for you. SEO strategies are no different. Get the basics right for your site, and you have a good SERP ranking sooner than you expect.

Better SERP rankings mean more traffic, which means better sales conversions. The factors mentioned above are the ones that are more likely to be overlooked due to other seemingly pressing matters like campaign success and numbers generated. But what is important is to get the foundation of your website right.

It is important to realise that numbers are variables, a structure is constant. If you get the constant right, the variables definitely end up falling in your favour. So this year, try checking these essentials off when you design your SEO strategy, and you will witness a remarkable increase in overall website traffic and improvement in SEO rankings.

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